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Quantum Teleportation of Human Mind Information

Prof. Li Haibao

The Institute of Global Health Programs Implementation in Belgrade, Serbia, has made a groundbreaking achievement in the field of quantum teleportation. The scientists at the institute have successfully used the Zepter Bioptron quantum therapy devices and Zepter hyperlight eyewear to transfer information of the human mind between two individuals.

This remarkable feat leverages concepts from Serbian researchers like Prof. Djuro Koruga on Quantum Chinese traditional medicine and Prof. Viktor Fersht on Psi-Quantum medicine.

The BIOPTRON® QUANTUM HYPERLIGHT® device is central to this study. It utilizes hyperpolarized light to treat various medical conditions at the quantum level, offering a non-invasive, side-effect-free alternative to traditional chemical drugs. This technology has been clinically tested and certified, showing significant improvements in wound healing, pain relief, dermatological conditions, and more.

The main principle of quantum physics indicates that absolutely everything that exists has a certain frequency. Every healthy cell in the body must have its own ideal frequency. Due to different stress factors, the body frequencies change, which radically disrupts the biophoton communication (electromagnetic radiation); in the long run, it results in illnesses.

Quantum medicine observes an illness as “disrupted frequencies in energy body.” Instead of suppressing the symptoms in the physical body with synthetic drugs, Quantum Hyperlight with its quantum energetic properties restores the energy and frequency in stagnation in the disturbed areas (biophotons communication, energy centers, cells, and the vital organs).

The Hyperlight Eyewear® incorporates fullerene C60, which resonates with microtubules and other biomolecules, affecting our mindset. Fullerene C60 is known for its unique quantum properties, including the ability to act as a superconductor and its high electron affinity. These properties allow fullerene to interact with light at the quantum level, transforming it into hyperlight.

By wearing Hyperlight Eyewear®, individuals can experience enhanced cognitive abilities, improved appearance, and a better quality of life. The eyewear is designed with superior Swiss technology, providing features like anti-scratch protection, anti-fog, and anti-reflex coatings. Fullerene in Zepter glasses transforms a person’s state of consciousness and helps convey information about their state to another person. This transformation is achieved through the interaction of fullerene with light, which modulates the quantum states of the wearer’s mind, facilitating the transfer of information.

Quantum Teleportation and Its Application in Psychology

Quantum teleportation is a process in quantum physics where the quantum state of a particle is transmitted from one location to another without physically moving the particle itself. This phenomenon relies on the principles of quantum mechanics, such as superposition, entanglement, and the no-cloning theorem. The process involves three main steps:

1.    Entanglement: Two particles are entangled, meaning their quantum states are interconnected regardless of the distance between them.

2.    Measurement: The sender (Alice) performs a joint measurement on the particle to be teleported and one of the entangled particles.

3.    Classical Communication: The result of this measurement is sent to the receiver (Bob) via classical communication channels. Bob then uses this information to transform his entangled particle into the state of the original particle.

This process does not involve the physical transfer of the particle but rather the transfer of its quantum state, ensuring that the information is transmitted instantaneously through entanglement.

Application in Psychology

In the realm of psychology, the concept of quantum teleportation can be metaphorically applied to understand the transfer of mental states or consciousness. This idea is explored in the context of Jungian psychology, where an individual's psychological type is modeled as a quantum state.

The entanglement of mental states can be seen as a way to understand how individuals influence each other's thoughts and emotions instantaneously.

For instance, the therapeutic process can be viewed through the lens of quantum entanglement, where the therapist and patient become entangled in a shared mental state. This entanglement allows for a deeper connection and understanding, facilitating the transfer of insights and emotional states between them. The classical communication in this context can be seen as the verbal and non-verbal interactions that help in transforming the patient's mental state.

BIOPTRON® Quantum Hyperlight and Quantum Teleportation

The BIOPTRON® Quantum Hyperlight device utilizes principles of quantum mechanics to promote healing and well-being. By employing hyperpolarized light and specific medical filters, the device aims to bring the body into homeostasis, much like how quantum teleportation aims to transfer quantum states without physical movement. The therapeutic effects of the BIOPTRON® device can be seen as a form of quantum healing, where the light's properties influence the body's biostructures at a quantum level, promoting overall health and balance.

In summary, while quantum teleportation in its literal sense is a physical phenomenon, its principles can be metaphorically applied to psychology to understand the deep connections and instantaneous influences between individuals. The BIOPTRON® Quantum Hyperlight device leverages these quantum principles to offer innovative therapeutic benefits.

Prof. Djuro Koruga, a renowned expert in nanotechnology, has significantly contributed to the understanding of quantum medicine. His work emphasizes that every healthy cell in the body must have its own ideal frequency. Quantum Hyperlight, with its quantum energetic properties, restores the energy and frequency in stagnation in the disturbed areas, promoting natural healing without side effects.

Prof. Viktor Fersht has been instrumental in the development of Psi-Quantum medicine. His research focuses on the transfer of quantum states (in qubits) to another quantum state, which is the fundamental principle behind quantum teleportation. This process does not involve the physical transfer of information but rather the transfer of the state of the information.

The successful transfer of human mind information between individuals opens up new possibilities in the field of quantum medicine. This technology could revolutionize the way we approach mental health, cognitive enhancement, and even communication.

The Institute of Global Health Programs Implementation continues to explore the potential applications of this technology, aiming to improve global health outcomes through innovative solutions.

Li Haibao


Institute of Global Health Programs Implementation



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