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Information about World Health Security News Agency

Publisher of World Health Security News Agency: Institute of global health programs implementation, Belgrade, Serbia
Information at this portal updates by AI every day

World Health Security News Agency registered in Hungary and in Serbia

Editor-in-chief - Ljiljana Marković

President of the board - Ching Manho
Senior writer and Agency coordinator - Viktor Fersht

Member of:
- United Nations AI for Good,
- Journalism Innovation Network of European Journalism Centre,
- Online News Association,
- United States Press Agency
Director of production - Marya Rasputina 
Marketing specialist and special correspondent - Anna Medkova
International relations - Mily Yang
Special correspondent in Ukraina - Viacheslav Kaptenko
Special correspondent in Kenia and at UN HABITAT and UNEP - Alex Pollak
Special correspondent in France and UNESCO - Anastasia Chumak 
Registration number of the Registrar of the Serbia Media Register managed by the Serbian Agency for Business Registers - IN001321
ISSN 3009-2507
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