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FAO in health security

FAO supports Members to build and implement effective collaborative One Health strategies and capacities, simultaneously addressing the health of people, animals, plants and the environment. A One Health approach is used to design and implement programmes, biosecurity initiatives, enabling policies and, where relevant, regulatory frameworks to ensure health security from communities to national and international level. One Health in agrifood systems transformation is a key Priority Programme Area, and part of FAO's Strategic Framework (2022-2031)

A hub of technical knowledge, FAO embraces One Health in protecting human, animal,plant and environment health; supporting management and conservation of natural resources; ensuring food security; facilitating access to safe and nutritious food; tackling AMR; advancing climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts; and promoting sustainable fisheries and agricultural production. To anticipate, prevent, detect and respond to plant, animal and zoonotic disease outbreaks and AMR, FAO encourages the sharing of epidemiological data and laboratory information across sectors and borders, which can result in more effective early warning, coordinated planning and response.

FAO’s Joint Centre for Zoonotic Diseases and Antimicrobial Resistance coordinates One Health across different FAO divisions to mainstream One Health in FAO activities.

Externally, FAO collaborates with UNEP, WHO and WOAH as the Quadripartite to address health threats at the human-animal-plant-environment interface and to promote health and sustainable development. The Quadripartite partnership is built on the Tripartite (FAO, OIE, WHO) that was expanded in March 2022, when UNEP signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Good One Health planning, communication, collaboration and response efforts occur when government officials, researchers and workers across sectors at the local, national, regional and global levels join forces.

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