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Activating God Module to obtain Zero point energy as Psychosomatics for seriously ill patients

Updated: Mar 11

What is a God Module

The God module is a neuro-spiritual complex in the human body, consisting of God points, the God gene and the God hormone, which generates the power of self-transcendence to solve any problems in life.

What is Zero Point Energy

Zero point energy (ZPE) - in physics, this is the minimum possible energy that a quantum mechanical system can have. In psychology, it is a powerful source of energy that is activated at critical moments for a person to overcome life-threatening conditions and problems.

According to physiological and spiritual parameters, the God Module is a mechanism for obtaining zero point energy.

Methods for activating the God Module:

1. Neuro-symbolic activation of the human God module

Activation of the God Module occurs through neuro-symbolic activation carried out by symbolic AIs.

The activation process includes:

- Explaining to the client what the God module is

-Recording the client's opinion about his sense of God module

-Determination of the symbols of the God module that dominate in the client’s mind:

-Speech analysis of the client’s opinion text to symbol using Chat GPT - symbol and Dall-E -picture

- Converting a picture into a symbol

- Creating an affirmation using the AI symbol of the correlating module of God and the HypnoLab AI sound affirmation

- Recording a video affirmation with two symbols of the God module client

- Fixing a symbol using a video with an affirmation - watching a video affirmation

- Artificial intelligence reminders with video broadcast of affirmations or audio reminders (to choose from) - Remandair every 4 hours

The activated God module is enough to solve the most difficult problems in life. However, in matters of human survival and saving his life, additional energy is needed. In critical situations, a person does not have enough vital energy to overcome the threat of death due to the enormous energy consumption during the previous severe stressful situation. You can receive vital energy in critical situations through the activated God module.

To do this, the following steps are required:

2. Non-verbal communication for mental contact.

Nonverbal communication triggers human spatial thinking through the algorithms of large-scale neural networks of the brain. They ensure the inclusion of mirror neurons and the process of neuroplasticity of the interlocutor’s brain. This establishes mental contact. It is necessary for the subsequent receipt of Zero Point Energy from an already activated God Module.

3. Activation of the process of joint self-overcoming

Self-Transcendence Affirmation with Hypnolab AI

4. Receiving Zero Point Energy

Affirmation for receiving zero point energy using Hypnolab AI.

5. Artificial intelligence reminders with video broadcast of affirmations or audio reminders (to choose from) - Remandair every 4 hours

Additional and accompanying activation methods that support or enhance activation:

6. Mirror head massage to activate the God point

This is a method of remote online head massage using video communication.

The massage therapist demonstrates techniques for massaging the head, those areas and points that activate the state of reaching the God point.

The client repeats the massage therapist’s techniques on his head. At this time, the client’s mirror neurons turn on and the process of neuroplasticity of his brain begins.

7. Healing hands of a doctor (healer)

An even more effective method of activating the God Module and receiving zero point Energy is a contact physical massage by a neuro-massage therapist who knows the God Module neuro-massage technique.

Below I offer an example of the feelings that a client experiences during a massage of the God point by the famous specialist Igor Atroshchenko:

God Point Massage

“For a short time, lasting only a few seconds to a few minutes, all parts of our body freeze, after which deep relaxation occurs.”

Mannheim “God Point”, also known as “still point”, is the most powerful thing in manual therapy and osteopathy.

At this moment, all processes of our body stop for a moment to reboot, rebuild and start working in a new way.

The state of the human body BEFORE and AFTER passing the “God Point” is strikingly different for the better.

After passing the still point, bones, ligaments, muscles, fascia, dura mater begin to “unwind”, spasms, tensions, fixations go away, and the human body returns to its original integrity.

To a large extent, the still point phenomenon was described while working with the bones of the skull.

You work with the bones of the skull and your hands are literally “bathing” in a sea of sensations: - warmth - pulsation - tingling - stirring - tension - electric current.

By carefully concentrating on the sensations in your hands, you will feel the skull opening and closing like a flower bud in time with the craniosacral rhythm.

And suddenly... Everything froze! Still point is zero.

movements. The world stopped.

The patient feels this moment as a state of deepest relaxation and peace in the soul. That is why the still point was called the “God Point”.

After this freezing, the shoots of a New Life appear in the patient’s body. More holistic, relaxed and harmonious.

Muscle tests, as a rule, determine the complete restoration of tone of all muscles.

We are unable to evoke the “God Point” during our work with the patient. But we are able to create optimal conditions, prepare the ground for the still point to happen naturally.

P.S. Yesterday I tried to do the “God Point” on myself (one of the methods): At first, my head was buzzing and pulsating, then a warmth appeared in my chest and under my fingers, then everything calmed down in my head, my legs relaxed and it became calm.

YouTube shorts to help seriously ill patients:

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4. Mirror massage

5. Healing hands

6. Neuro-symbolic programming of people

7. Neuro-symbolic activation of the God Module

8. Hypnolab AI Affirmations

9. Zero point energy for seriously ill patients

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